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Multivitamin Group made two successful hires the first time they used Haystack

Neil Smith
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11 - 50 employees
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Neil Smith
Neil Smith
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Multivitamin Group made two successful hires the first time they used Haystack

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2 Hires

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Multivitamin Group is a collection of studios passionate about digital innovation with an award-winning and international portfolio of work. They partner with ambitious companies ranging from start-ups to large organisations to build human solutions on a vast array of work from apps to e-commerce.

What position did you find yourself in?

The development teams and resources we had at Multivitamin Group were based internationally, primarily in Ukraine and South Africa. We took the business decision to begin building out our development team in the UK to enable us to work closer, in person with our UK-based clients. As Chief Operating Officer I was facing multiple challenges in recruiting in a crowded market. We needed to scale the team quickly to keep up with demand from new clients and projects without compromising on the quality or our culture.

Before you used Haystack what was your approach to tech recruitment?

We were using job boards, most notably LinkedIn with limited success. The quality of applicants just wasn’t working for us in such a highly competitive market. We were finding it difficult to stand out and share the brilliant opportunities available and the fantastic culture that we’ve built.

Haystack is a game changer. It provides instant access to high-quality, targeted and engaged candidates. We made two successful hires the first time we used Haystack.

Dan Blackman - Chief Operating Officer, Multivitamin Group

How does Haystack change this?

Haystack puts us in control of our recruitment. It provides direct access to high-quality candidates who are highly targeted and relevant. We’re able to view their profiles, CVs and portfolios of the most suitable candidates and reach out directly to them. It gives us the opportunity to discuss not only our open roles but also where the business is heading and the culture we pride ourselves on. It’s really important for us to find not only talented individuals with the right experience and skillset but also candidates who’ll fit the culture that we’ve built to date.

Have you filled any roles with Haystack?

Yes, we filled two roles the first time we used Haystack. As we’re able to control the process we had both new starters in the business and making an impact within weeks of getting access and making initial contact.

How have your new recruits settled into life at Multivitamin Group?

Both have hit the ground running and are already making a huge impact. They’re a perfect fit for our culture and we’re thrilled to have them on board.

How was the Haystack process for your new hires from the candidates perspective?

They both found the process much quicker and pain-free than using alternatives. They liked the fact that they were reached out to directly by an employer about relevant roles and were thrilled with the end result of joining the business.

How has your success with Haystack changed your future recruitment strategy?

Haystack is now our go-to channel for all of our tech recruitment in the UK and we’ll continue to utilise Haystack on new roles. Based on our experience we’re confident we’ll find the talent that we need at a fraction of the price that we’d pay in fees elsewhere. Aside from the better end result and cost savings, it was a much quicker and far more enjoyable experience for both me and our new recruits.

What did the candidates think of the process?

"The service was super easy to use. I found myself leaning towards it over what I had been using previously (Indeed mostly). Everyone at Vitamin is super nice and the role is great!"

- Ben Rogers

"I've found great success with this feature, namely with Multivitamin Group. After a few interviews I have recently accepted a role as a Creative Developer and will be starting on the 30th of August! Thanks to Haystack, I was able to attain a role far quicker than I did with LinkedIn"

- Sam Davey

Multivitamin Group used Haystack Haystack to successfully fill the following roles in August 2022: Full Stack Developer (Hybrid, London) and Front End / Creative Developer (Hybrid, Cornwall).

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