High growth startup, BYP Network use Haystack as their primary source for tech talent

Harriet Oliver
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Harriet Oliver
Harriet Oliver
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High growth startup, BYP Network use Haystack as their primary source for tech talent

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The Background

BYP Network helps to connect ambitious future leaders with each other for networking purposes and with corporations for job opportunities. Unlike anything seen before, BYP tackles the whole journey from grassroots to senior managers by providing a growth pipeline that focuses on mentorship, peer collaborations and career development. 

BYP brings together hundreds of opportunities including networking, events and jobs to their network of over 50,000+ Black professionals over 5 continents. 

The Challenge

Named as one of the 50 top fastest growing startups in the UK by tech group Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK), BYP are growing their tech teams as fast as they can and they have continued to grow exponentially since they were founded in 2016. 

To align with BYP’s growth plans, they need solutions that yield results short-term by hiring to fill currently active roles, as well as long-term solutions that help to build their talent pipeline for future opportunities. The tech recruitment industry is inherently competitive, with recruiters often charging 10-20% of the salary of the candidate if they successfully place, so rapidly growing a team can result in a hefty bill.

The Solution

While searching for a solution they came across Haystack’s website, and submitted a request for more information. John Kershaw, Technical Lead at BYP shares his experience with Haystack:

“Most recruitment boards are the worst. I tried to sign up to a different platform but the customer support representative kept insisting I had an onboarding call. But Haystack’s team made it very easy. So I decided to go with the company that listens to my needs, goes above and beyond and then does a good job!”

Their main point of contact is their onboarding manager, but they have multiple touchpoints including the marketing team and customer support team if they ever have any questions - someone is always on hand.

“The Haystack team feels a lot more collaborative when I speak to them, than when I’ve worked with other job boards. I know I can ask stupid questions and get good answers from people who care.”

With Haystack, you pay for access up front for a year and you can include add ons such as job boosting. Unlike recruiters, this means you can make as many hires as you like within that.

“You don’t have to pay for results which is good. It means you have to put a bit of trust in the platform, but we have the budget to be able to test these things out, and we found someone almost immediately.”

“I think that Haystack is great. I can see that Haystack is constantly improving and the idea of where it’s going to be in a year is exciting, it’ll be very powerful.”

“Our jobs are posted on other platforms but honestly I’ve only looked at Haystack in the last couple of months!”

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