Fika use Haystack to discover techies that match their culture and tech stack

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Fika use Haystack to discover techies that match their culture and tech stack


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Fika is on a mission to create a better you, better team culture and better places to work. They tackle the team behaviours that can contribute to mental health decline in the workplace and normalise the idea of training our individual and collective mental fitness. Their training platform closes the gap between where you work and how you train.

We spoke to Lauren Salter, People and Culture Partner, and Dan Mudd, Senior Software Engineer, about their recent use and success with Haystack.

Lauren, where did you first discover Haystack?

Through the In-house Recruitment network. I attended their webinar on Addressing the Shortfalls in Tech Talent Attraction & Retention and found the Haystack team really engaging. I was interested to learn more and see what they had to offer. 

Why did you decide to partner with Haystack?

It was mostly because I was finding LinkedIn wasn’t suited to tech recruitment. I have worked with a couple of recruiters who I am still happy to use as a backup, but ultimately I am trying to do as much of our recruitment in-house as possible. I wanted to try something different and what Haystack have to offer felt like a good fit for me and for Fika. We are both start ups so there is synergy in that sense and I’m passionate about working with and supporting other companies of a similar size and stage.

How have you found working with Haystack? 

It’s been very refreshing! I really like the opportunity it gives me to really show our employer brand and talk about our culture and the things that are important to us. I’ve found Finder to be particularly useful as it allows me to find techies that match not just the skill set we need in terms of coding languages but culturally as well. I also liked the fact that I was able to start building a pipeline of techies for the future, especially as we have plans for growth over the coming year. And most importantly, we were able to hire Dan who is our new Senior Software Engineer! 

Lauren, People & Culture Partner at Fika and their recent hire, Dan

How is Dan settling into life at Fika?

Great! He has got stuck in really quickly, which is what we needed and seems to be embracing the Fika culture so hopefully there are great things to come! 

Daniel, where did you discover Haystack?

I first heard of Haystack by word of mouth - I was recommended to look at the platform by a contact in my North East tech network. I signed up and casually browsed companies and roles and was sufficiently impressed to return at a later date when I was more actively looking for a new role.

What was your experience of using the platform as a user looking for new opportunities?

I found using Haystack is much quicker and easier than scrolling through endless irrelevant LinkedIn feeds. I discovered Fika who weren’t on my radar. I applied for their role and was able to make direct contact with Lauren who guided me through the hiring process to a successful conclusion.

How has your onboarding and start at Fika been?

It's been great! Fika has been really welcoming and supportive, everyone is very approachable and down to earth. It was nice to not get stuck in weeks of corporate onboarding and start having an impact immediately. 

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