Goodlord hired a Senior PHP Engineer by building their Talent Pool with Haystack

Tim Rishworth
London, UK
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101 - 200 Employees
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Tim Rishworth
Tim Rishworth
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Goodlord hired a Senior PHP Engineer by building their Talent Pool with Haystack

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Goodlord is an award-winning property technology company, founded in 2014 and based in London, with a  mission to streamline the lettings process for letting agents, landlords, and tenants. When announcing their Series B funding of £10M, they stated that the additional capital would be used to invest in its engineering, product, and customer-facing teams. Hiring  engineers in a tech business is of particular importance and Goodlord has built a tech recruitment process that is fast, fair, and stress free. Goodlord’s challenge is to grow their engineering team in line with the rest of the business operations over the next 12 months as they continue to scale, hiring effectively and efficiently.

We spoke to Sam Mullaly, Talent Acquisition Manager at Goodlord, to find out how she's used Haystack to expand her talent pool.

What challenges were you facing in your tech hiring prior to launching on Haystack?

Sam: Everyone knows it’s very difficult to hire engineers, and as a business we are committed to creating a great place to work from a culture perspective, both in the projects that the team work on and using the latest and/or best technology to achieve our delivery and learning goals. We hold ourselves to a high bar and want to attract the best team members who will thrive in Goodlord’s environment.

What made Haystack stand out to you?

Sam: When I saw Haystack I thought it was a bit different and that would appeal to engineers; it’s mobile based which is interesting; it wasn’t expensive and I thought it was worth taking a punt on it. We use Haystack in conjunction with other platforms, so as a company we are making sure we are attracting as much talent as possible.

How has the experience been so far?

Sam: I always feel the Haystack team are super responsive, genuine and honest whenever I speak to them. They’re very good at managing expectations of what is or isn’t possible within the platform. Since using Haystack we have hired 1 individual who was a Senior PHP Engineer and we have taken a further 5 or 6 individuals through to the interview stage. At the minute, Haystack is by far the most cost effective tool we’ve used and has given us a very healthy ROI so far. I’m a big fan of Haystack. I like that engineers have the control on the platform and so they’re more likely to engage if they know they aren’t going to get bombarded by recruiters which I think is key.

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