What is a Talent Pool?
Joining a Talent Pool is a bit like applying to a company, without expressing interest in a particular role. It could be that they don’t have any suitable live roles, you’re just not ready to apply at this time, or would just like to be kept informed about future opportunities. You’re not likely to hear back from a company who’s Talent Pool you’ve joined quickly, but they could get in touch at any time - you could land your next role without having to lift a finger. Just a heads up, you need to be at Mid level or above to join a Talent Pool.

How to apply

There’s two ways you can apply for roles on Haystack. For our partner companies, all you need to do is hit ‘Quick apply’ and your profile will become visible - but only to the company that you’ve applied to. You can spot partner companies on your feed as they have the yellow tick next to their name. For our non-partners, hit ‘Apply on website’ to be taken to their careers page, where you can apply directly.

You can also save roles to your Haystack, so you can go back and apply later. To do this, just tap ‘Save to my Haystack’. You can view your Haystack at any point by going to the ‘Profile’ tab and tapping ‘My haystack’.

Anonymity on Haystack

Have you set yourself as ‘Open to work’, or told a recruiter you’re looking for your next role, only to be inundated with a deluge of irrelevant roles and money-hungry recruiters eyeing their next commission cheque? It seems this is an experience most techies have been through at some point. When we launched Haystack, we knew that anonymity was key to taking the power away from recruiters and back into the hands of the techie.

That’s why your profile on Haystack remains completely anonymous, until you decide you want to be seen. You’re free to browse the entire tech job market, without having to worry that you’re about to be relentlessly pestered into looking at roles that just aren’t right for you. Once you apply or join a company’s Talent Pool, your profile then becomes visible - but only to the company that you’ve reached out to, so you’ll only ever hear from internal hiring managers at that company. By the way, saving roles to your Haystack doesn’t make you visible, so feel free to save as many roles as you like!

Ready to be seen?

If you want to take your job hunt to the next level, you have the option to make yourself immediately visible to all of our partner companies. They’ll only be able to see your profile if they have a suitable role that you match well with, so you still don’t need to worry about being bombarded with roles that aren’t right. Once you make yourself visible, companies will be able to reach out directly, so you can land a role without even applying, and we’ll do everything we can to get you in front of the perfect company. We’ve had techies get contacted less than 15 minutes after making themselves visible, and we’ve seen people in new roles less than 2 weeks after becoming visible. If you’re actively looking for a new role and want to take the stress out of your job hunt, make yourself visible on the homepage today!

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