The tech industry is huge - with so many different sectors and roles to choose from (which isn’t a bad thing) it can be hard to decide which route to focus on first. If you’re new to the tech scene or are thinking of switching up careers, it’s best to take the time to do some background research into the many different roles that are on offer.

We’re going to give you a head start and give you a breakdown of what a front end developer does ⬇️

What does a front end developer do?

Have you ever wondered why a website looks a certain way or why you can navigate from one page to another so easily? That’s the work of a front end developer. ‍

To put it simply, a front end developer is someone that focuses on the ‘client side’ of a website or web application and creates the user interface with a specific goal in mind - to make sure that visitors to the website/app can easily navigate and interact with it.

Unlike the role of a back end developer, who mainly works behind the scenes, a career as a front end developer allows you to become more involved in the user experience, and you’re more likely to work alongside designers and customers. ‍

How to become a front end developer

Do you like the sound of becoming a front end developer but you're unsure of how to become one? It is best to start with the basics. The role of a front end developer means working with tech stacks like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But, how you come to learn these programming languages is up to you.

Not all paths into tech need to be the same. Some developers will choose to go down the academic route and study at University whilst others may choose the self-taught career path with the help and guidance of coding bootcamps, YouTube tutorials and networking with other developers in the industry. For example, Asher was previously a tech recruiter and has now made the transition into a front end developer role! Find out more about his career switch and different routes into tech in our Developer Stories series.‍

Once you’ve developed the basic skills to become a front end developer, put them into practice and try to build real projects. A lot of developers actively get involved in the #100DaysofCode challenge, where you can practice to code for one hour each day to help boost your confidence whilst developing new skills.

Get started

Next steps - get searching for your dream role in tech. We know it’s not as easy as 1,2,3 when it comes to looking for your next opportunity but the best advice is to never give up! It might take 5 applications or it might take 50, but keep at it and eventually, you’ll land a role as a front end developer.

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