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If you’re starting a new role/company and hit the ground running by adding value as quick as possible, or if you want to know where you can improve your ways of working and boost your career at your current company in tech then this blog is for you…! I have found this to be the quickest way to do the following:

  1. Feeling of being settled into a new company and belonging
  2. Helping co-workers and boosting your network
  3. Make good links with management
  4. Feeling of being healthily productive (not overworked/stressed)

All which can result in adapting to change quicker, promotions… pay rises… title changes and being seen as a reliable and valued employee.

Understanding the business problems of your company can be a valuable asset in boosting your career. By having a deeper understanding of the company’s goals and challenges, you can position yourself as a strategic thinker and problem solver to name a few in addition to those mentioned above. Want to know how you can understand business problems? Read on…

Steps to understand business problems and boost your career:

Learn about the company’s industry and competitors: Understanding the larger industry landscape and the company’s position in it can give you valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the company. Keeping an eye on the competition can also help you understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Understand the company’s goals and priorities: By understanding the company’s goals and priorities, you can align your work and projects to support these goals. This can help you become a valuable asset to the company and position you as a team player.

Look for areas of improvement: Identify areas of the company that could be improved, such as inefficiencies or gaps in the market. Bringing these issues to the attention of your team or supervisor can position you as a strategic thinker and problem solver.

Seek out opportunities to collaborate: Working with colleagues in other departments or on cross-functional projects can give you a broader understanding of the company’s operations and challenges. This can help you become a more valuable employee and position you for career growth.

Offer solutions, not just problems: When identifying problems or challenges within the company, come up with potential solutions or recommendations. This shows that you are a proactive problem solver and can position you as a valuable asset to the company.

In tech we might be so focussed on the digital only aspect of our careers, our soft skills and our techncial skills but because tech can be in any industry, it’s important to understand the problems of the industry your company is in to really add value. It can be a valuable asset in return to you too, in boosting your reputation, network, net worth, and a quick way to start adding value. By learning about the industry of the business, understanding the company’s goals and priorities, looking for areas of improvement, seeking out opportunities to collaborate, and offering solutions, you can position yourself as a strategic thinker and problem solver. This can lead to career growth and opportunities for advancement within the company.

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