(L-R, COO Mike Davies, CEO Chris Bone, CTO Rob Simmons)

According to Haystack, the expansion of its services to Manchester with the potential of further hiring has been achieved as a result of a number of client wins in the North West, a strong initial launch in the North East and raising £1m in funding in January 2021.

Haystack provides a platform for technologists to make informed decisions on their careers, with the careers and insights marketplace focusing on providing opportunities for those in data, design and engineering.

The company’s algorithm matches roles with users based on a variety of touchpoints, to ensure employers aren’t provided with unsuitable candidates, and users aren’t shown unsuitable opportunities.

Haystack allows businesses to more efficiently hire for their tech teams by eliminating the need for, often expensive, tech recruiters and saving on resources internally.

In the North West, the top three sought after techs are currently AWS, Javascript and React and 31% of the current open opportunities are for back-end engineers. On average, it takes 65 days to fill a tech role in the UK, the majority of which being the attraction and application stage of the recruitment process. Haystack’s unique talent pooling feature aims to mitigate that by allowing employers to build their tech employer brand and access their own pool of engaged techies as a first port of call.

Chris Bone, co-founder and CEO of Haystack, said: “We’re excited for this next stage of Haystack’s growth, by expanding our territory we can help even more employers reach previously untapped tech talent, and help even more techies discover their ideal opportunity."

“The North West has a plethora of tech companies for techies to uncover, and provide incredible opportunity for growth. We’ve already secured partnerships with some North West tech powerhouses, including Autotrader and AO.com”.

About Haystack

Tech startup Haystack is a careers and insights marketplace for those working in engineering, data and design. For techies who are fed up with spam messaging and endlessly scrolling through job boards, Haystack provides techies a safe space to filter out the noise and uncover the best opportunities based in their interests, values and tech stack. For employers, Haystack is an always-on solution that puts your roles and company in the hands of thousands of highly engaged developers, data scientists, designers and testers. Haystack was founded in 2019 by CEO Chris Bone, COO Mike Davies and CTO Rob Simmons.

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