Haystack's COO Mike Davies sat down with Simon Barker of All The Code podcast. In this episode, software developer by trade turned entrepreneur, Mike discusses his own career journey as well as uncovering the idea behind Haystack. They discuss how job boards in tech can help developers to find their needle in a Haystack, compared to the big players. Landing your first tech role is a challenge, Haystack aims to make it as easy as possible by removing the spam, the recruiters and the noise.

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For more tech insights, check out Haystack's own Tech Uncovered podcast and hear more from Mike and guests from all different backgrounds in tech. In the Tech Uncovered podcast, hear from CTOs, engineering managers, entrepreneurs, and other notable people in tech.

Simon Barker, host of All The Code podcast, talks about entrepreneurship, career coaching and development. He's also written an ebook for people learning to code. Having been writing code and building apps for 15 years, now Simon teaches the next generation of developers about breaking into the industry.

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