Hey Nooshin, nice to meet you 👋 Would you like to quickly introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your role at Qrious?

Hi! I'm a Software Developer at Qrious working on web and mobile applications.

Let’s start with your journey into tech - it can be hard to know where to start, so how did you get into software development?

Keen interest in technology alongside my passion to build and create drove me toward learning more about building digital products.

My learning path started with a course in web design and development. I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and libraries such as jquery as part of the course. After that, I started working as a junior front-end developer where I developed my skills further by building web and mobile applications.

Do you have any tips/tricks for junior developers - Are there any resources that you relied on during your early career?

Being a software developer requires learning on a constant basis whether it is through online resources or practice. From early on in my programming journey I’ve been using websites like W3schools, MDN Web Docs, GitHub, Medium, etc. 

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In your opinion, what’s the best thing about working at Qrious? 

Qrious is welcoming to innovative ideas and helps to nurture talent. This gives me the opportunity to find a balance between my personal interests, the projects I get to pursue on a regular basis and learning new skills, plus having a friendly team which is another best thing to be part of Qrious.

We 💛 to speak with women in tech - do you have any advice for others who are maybe thinking of switching careers or starting their journeys into tech? 

Starting a career in tech is a lot of fun and gives freedom to be creative and explore different things, yet at the same time, it can pose challenges. It’s important to set goals and communicate either with your team or through various forums and blogs. Setting clear goals helps you to have your journey in the right direction and interacting with others who are on the same or similar path and getting tips and advice from them will get you ahead on your journey.

If you like the sound of working at Qrious, check out their open opportunities on Haystack.

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