It is important to make clear the distinction between making yourself ‘visible’ on Haystack, and selecting ‘Open to work’ on LinkedIn (or a similar action on standard recruitment sites). On LinkedIn, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, setting your profile to ‘Open to work’ can be akin to showing a red rag to a money-hungry bull; what usually follows is a series of shady, commision-chasing recruiters throwing mismatched and irrelevant roles your way, in the hope of making a quick buck at your expense. It was very important to us that making yourself visible on Haystack was the complete opposite of this. On Haystack, you only become visible to companies where you’re a good match for the role. No hassle, no spam - just targeted and relevant opportunities landing directly in your inbox.

With Haystack, the power is in your hands.

You can change your visibility settings at any time and you’ll only find hiring managers - rest assured, there will never be external recruiters on Haystack. You can also choose which companies you don’t want to be visible to, whether that’s your current employer, or companies that you’re simply not interested in working for, so you don’t have to worry about being spotted or contacted by somebody you would rather avoid. You can change your visibility settings now on the Home Page, and in the ‘Your profile’ section of the ‘Profile’ tab. All we need from you to get started is either a CV, a LinkedIn profile, or a link to your portfolio - it couldn’t be easier!

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