‘Explore’ Tab
The ‘Explore’ tab is where you can find your latest job matches. We’ll use the info you entered in your profile to figure out exactly what you’re looking for, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you, without having to wade through a mountain of irrelevant roles to find it. If the roles you’re seeing on your feed aren’t quite what you’re looking for, make sure you’re following the guidance set out in ‘Getting Started on Haystack’. If the info you’ve provided isn’t concise and doesn’t hone in on exactly what you’d like your next role to look like, it’s inevitable you’ll see some irrelevant results in your feed. If you think all the info on your profile is both correct and relevant, but you’re still not seeing the right roles, drop us a message using the in-app messenger and we’ll look into it for you.


Whilst we aim to make your job search easier by showing you roles relevant to you, you can apply your own filters to scout the entirety of the tech job scene, if you’d like to. To get started with filters, simply tap ‘Refine’ at the top of the ‘Explore’ tab. From there, you have a range of filters to choose from, including salary, location, seniority, tech stack and role type and more. This enables you to really hone in on what you’re looking for. There’s other ways to use the filters, as well as looking for a role - for example, a lot of people use Haystack for research purposes, such as looking at what skills you need to develop to go up a seniority, or if you could get a better salary by adding a particular skill to your tech stack. Use the filters to your advantage to find your dream role, or figure out what your next steps should be!

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