Hey, Sana 👋 Nice to meet you! Do you want to give a quick introduction to yourself?

Hi, I’m Sana👋! I’m currently working as a Computer Engineer. I love to solve problems, learn new skills and challenge myself whenever I get the chance.

What was your biggest inspiration for breaking into tech? 

I’d say that my biggest inspiration was the lack of inspiration. I love a good challenge, and since I wasn’t encouraged to get into tech the same way my male peers were, that motivated me to work hard and get into a field that interests me. 

At the time of starting your Computer Science degree you were skilled enough to get a junior-level software developer job. How did you build up those skills prior to going to University?

I’ve always been entrepreneurial so whenever I had an idea of something to build, I’d try my best to build it myself. This led me down the path of web development using platforms such as Wordpress, to then realising that for more flexibility I needed to learn to code. I then started using online resources to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. One thing led to another, and I had enough skills and a portfolio to show potential employees.

Are there any specific programming languages that you prefer or like to work most with, and why?

I love using React! I love how easy and intuitive it is to use and scale. After getting more experience with different languages and frameworks at my previous job, I made it a goal of mine to only apply and accept a job where the company uses React. 

There’s still a renowned problem that there aren’t enough women in tech. What do you think the biggest problem is and how can we break the stigma to encourage more women to get into coding?

I’ve met a lot of girls that are really surprised that I’m in tech but after asking them more questions I realise that they don’t really know much about it. They always imagine a geek behind a computer screen and don’t see themselves represented. So I think one of the main issues is that there are not enough female role models in tech that share their experiences, both positive and negative.

You have an Instagram and Youtube platform dedicated to documenting your journey and sharing tips related to coding. How do you keep yourself motivated to stay present on these platforms outside of your current role?

I had started a youtube channel with my best friend to document our journeys, but unfortunately since I was working and studying both full time I found it difficult to post regularly. I do hope to pick up where I left off and carry on, however. I’d love to be that role model I never got when I started!

The instagram account is : @theconfidentlobsters for anyone who is interested.

How does utilising social media platforms help you in your professional life?

My number one platform is Youtube! I love watching videos related to tech, and to stay up to date with the latest technologies and skills. I also like to use this platform as a guide whenever I have a question related to work. 

My next most important platform is LinkedIn. It allowed me to network and connect with recruiters of top companies that don’t advertise job postings elsewhere. Furthermore, I connected with many software developers in my area that were very willing to provide advice and guidance during my journey.

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