Hey Hamad 👋 Nice to meet you, do you want to give a quick introduction to yourself?

I’m Hamad, a software engineer based in the UK working for a consultancy firm called Credera. I have experience in designing and coding web applications.

I'm also a tech enthusiast so outside of my work I enjoy creating content about it. I have an Instagram page and a Youtube channel relating to tech & code where I post tips and tricks I have learned and also document my journey. 

How did you start out your journey into tech, and how has it led you to where you are today? 

I decided to go down the Bootcamp route after completing Sixth Form. The reason that I chose Bootcamp, at the time, is that they had the industry knowledge of current trends (what languages, frameworks to learn etc) and I was only just starting out on my software development journey with limited working experience. I had no idea what to do or where to start, and with only the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, it was important for me to get mentorship.

I went from not knowing anything about coding to working for a consultancy firm within 8 months and working for some of the biggest companies globally, building web applications. 

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Are there any resources that you would recommend to those in their early tech career?

There are a ton of resources out there but here is a couple I found useful:



Youtube - CodeWithMosh channel is super helpful 

You’ve built up quite a large network on social media. How do you find the motivation or dedication to work on personal projects outside of your Front End developer role?

Coding is a hobby for me and I enjoy it a lot. For me, having headphones on with music and a list of coding problems/ features to build is dreamland. It’s really satisfying to build things, for example my personal website, and see people message me from across the world to ask questions.

How does utilising social media platforms help you in your professional life?

Building an online presence and my brand has helped massively, I’ve benefited from being able to show my work to gain job offers, freelance work opportunities and work with awesome brands to test cool tech products which I wouldn’t have otherwise. 


What technologies do you work with, and why do you like/choose to work with them in comparison to others?

I mainly work with frontend so a lot of technologies associated with it so React, JS, TS, Jest etc. 

It can be quite easy to compare your journey to others. How do you stay focused/motivated?

I have a “brag document” which isn’t shared with anyone but each month I list everything that has gone well or things I have achieved. Every time I find myself comparing to someone, I look at the brag document and highlight what I’ve been doing well!

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