The tech recruitment industry is ever changing – particularly as we emerge into the new normal of working post-pandemic and navigate uncertain economic times. In order to stay competitive and meet your candidates’ expectations, in-house recruiters are forced to look at new avenues and processes to attract the very best in tech talent.

Techies are the ones that hold all the cards and in such a competitive market, standard perks and benefits don’t cut it anymore. Pension contributions and 28 days of holiday including bank holidays are not ‘perks’, they’re standard by law in the UK.

In this webinar, we discussed what you can do to stand out in this crowded market and make the most from your budget in order to attract the best.

Topics Discussed
  • Harnessing your employer brand as a recruitment tool
  • What is quiet quitting and how to avoid it
  • How uncertain economic times can alter your recruitment strategy
  • Hear from internal talent managers on their own experience
  • … and much more!

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