Hiring strategies have evolved. The standard job boards are losing traction for being dull and outdated. To keep a foothold in the market, you must evolve with the market or you’ll be left behind.

Streamlining your recruitment hiring process is a more proactive option to take as well as providing benefits to your budget and time.

Here are the top five ways in which you can get ahead of the game and begin to streamline your recruitment hiring process. 

1. Consider your expectations

Setting out to hire a new team member blind-sighted can do you more harm than good. The first question to address when it comes to expanding your team is what position are you hiring for? Who would be your ‘perfect’ candidate? Without pinning down this information you are setting yourself up for a long, and somewhat unsuccessful, journey and may find yourself back at square one quite easily. 

So, where do you start? 

Companies need to appeal to the right audience and attract talent that directly matches their core values. When it comes to searching for a new opportunity, unnecessary long job descriptions are unwarranted. Companies need to make their job descriptions easy to digest - keeping them simple and concise is key 🔑

Be honest and open (where you can) and disclose your salary insights. We uncovered that roles advertised with a salary are 5x more likely to receive an application than those that don't list a salary.

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The main goal is to attract the right candidates, the first time around, and reduce your screening time.

2. Choose wisely

Once you’ve perfected the job description, it’s time to decide where to host the role.

Dull job boards, shady recruitment agents and never-ending spam have left techies disillusioned and turning their backs on traditional platforms like job boards and LinkedIn. Cut through the noise and be as transparent as possible - salary insights, tech stacks and job descriptions all play a big part in attracting the right talent.

Do your research and find out where techies are hanging out. Generic job boards just don’t make the cut anymore. Engage communities that actually want to hear from you and think about the solutions when crafting your ads.

Here at Haystack, we’ve built an out-of-the-box solution. Our algorithm matches roles with users based on a variety of touchpoints – to ensure employers aren’t provided with unsuitable candidates and users aren’t shown unsuitable opportunities. The Haystack platform allows businesses to more efficiently hire for their tech teams by eliminating the need for, often expensive, tech recruiters and saving on resources internally.

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3. Iron out the creases

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to get down to the questioning. But don’t overcomplicate things. A process involving too many steps/stages only opens up a gap for competitors to step in and steal candidates. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and the candidate, and remember that preparation is essential from both parties! 

4. Don’t ghost candidates

Whenever you interview candidates, remember that your company's reputation is on the line. Many candidates do their research before applying to roles, and one way of obtaining company insights is through referrals by word of mouth. 

Don’t let yourself fall into the category of being unresponsive and ghosting candidates. Candidates appreciate all types of feedback, whether it’s good or bad. 

5. Forward-thinking pays off

So, you’ve conjured up the perfect job description. You’ve found the best match for your role. But, what’s next? 

Hiring is an essential task that should reflect your long-term plans, and hiring correctly can set you up for success in the future. Do the candidates that you’re hiring fit your company’s culture? What core values do they bring to the table, besides their technical expertise? 

The process of expanding your tech team should feel like a simple task as opposed to a chore. Pin down and streamline your recruitment hiring process and you’ll be able to attract and retain tech talent more easily.

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