"Haystack definitely exceeded expectations and was much more streamlined than using a job search website, or going through a recruiter."
Ollie Reeve, Senior Web Developer
Ollie Reeves, Senior Web Developer
Hired by The Verve Group
"As a company we are taking proactive steps to build our relaxed, friendly, supportive culture. We partner with Haystack to help us build our tech team of equally as passionate, obsessive people."
Lorna Madden, customer testimonial
Lorna Madden, Head of Talent
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See how Multivitamin Group made 2 tech hires in their first week with Haystack

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Raytheon partnered with Haystack to reposition itself within the tech community.

"I love that this product has been a market disruptor. Utilising Haystack as a recruitment marketing tool has allowed us to get our vacancies in front of more candidates and ultimately make more hires."

Talent Acquisition Lead at Hedgehog Lab
Lauren Kernick
Talent Acquisition Lead
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"Haystack's Headhunt is game changer. It provides instant access to high quality, targeted and engaged candidates. We made two successful hires the first time we used Headhunt."

Chief Operating Officer at Multivitamin Group
Dan Blackman
Chief Operating Officer
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"I'm a big fan of Haystack. I like that engineers have control on the platform, so they're more likely to engage if they know they aren't going to get bombarded by recruiters which I think is key. Haystack is by far the most cost-effective tool we've used and has given us a very healthy ROI."

Talent Acquisition Lead at Goodlord
Sam Mullaly
Talent Acquisition Lead
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“Haystack enabled us to discover hard-to-reach tech talent that weren’t on other platforms or the books of recruiters. We were able to control how our brand was positioned with the tech community and get our roles directly in front of highly relevant candidates.”

Director of Software Delivery at NBS
Phil Scott
Director of Software Delivery
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"I've been very impressed with Haystack. When I registered I delayed logging in because I didn't have time to create a profile, find images and assets etc as well as write a job advert. When I logged in everything was already there: my company logo and description, the job advert."

Chief Product Officer at Sub-10
Kev Price
Chief Product Officer
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