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We all have a responsibility to support early years talent
Supporting and nurturing emerging tech talent is how we shape the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of tomorrow. There is a level of responsibility that we all hold to be as socially responsible as we can, and give back to the community when we can.

Whether individuals have gone through an apprenticeship, a degree, a bootcamp, or are just self-taught - they are hungry, driven individuals who are eager to learn. By making opportunities for them more readily available, and in one place, we can help support and foster their talent.

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"Haystack is by far the best performing platform for technical roles we've used so far. It's cheaper, easier to use, and is giving us better results. The customer support I've received from Haystack is exceptional."
John Kershaw, BYP Network
John Kershaw, CTO
BYP Network
"The platform is easy to use and provided us with access to a number of great candidates. A fresh take on classic 'recruitment' which is welcomed in todays day and age."
David Brandon, CTO
"Utilising Haystack as a recruitment marketing tool has allowed us to get our vacancies in front of more candidates and ultimately make more hires. We may have remained undiscovered to these candidates had we chosen another route."
Lauren Kernick, TA Lead
Hedgehog Lab
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