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Tad Web saved £1000s in recruitment fees by using Haystack as their primary source for tech talent

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Neil Smith
Neil Smith
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Tad Web saved £1000s in recruitment fees by using Haystack as their primary source for tech talent

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Tad Web Solutions is a digital agency supporting businesses across the World with website design, development and online software systems. We spoke to Ian Elcoate about his experience as a Haystack partner.

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What challenge were you facing?

Tad Web needed to expand our development team to bring in new talent to support company growth and new project wins. We were open to fully remote working or a hybrid arrangement at our Middlesbrough office.

Why did you choose Haystack?

We liked the concept of putting the power in the techies hands and being able to connect directly with relevant tech talent. We also saw the opportunity to try something different to reduce our agency spend. 

How easy was it to get setup?

The team at Haystack created our profile and jobs before giving us a walkthrough on an onboarding call. We then had an opportunity to review our content before going live on the platform. It was super quick and easy.

You had a multi channel approach to sourcing talent - which channels provided the best applications?

We only interviewed candidates who came through LinkedIn and the Haystack app, even though there did seem to be a couple of potentially good candidates via tech recruitment agencies.

What was the end result?

We hired Thomas who discovered our company and role on Haystack. Like Tad Web Thomas is based in the North East which is an additional bonus.

What was your turnaround time?

I advertised the position on Haystack on 3rd October and I received the application from Thomas on 11th October. We were able to complete interviews and secure Thomas that month. Thomas has been with us for a couple of months now - he’s been a great addition to the team and company.

What would you advise other companies who are looking to hire tech talent?

Why pay £5k to recruiters when you don't need to!

Thomas what was your experience of Haystack from the job seekers perspective?

Without your app, I’d probably still be poring over job roles on LinkedIn and Indeed! Using Haystack was a great experience and I think it mostly revolved around it giving access to a unique community that is specifically looking to get away from the deluge of applicants they might receive from agencies or LinkedIn, Indeed etc… It’s like I felt my applications were already higher tier because it was done through Haystack.

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