Ray was hired as a Lead Software Engineer by EPAM through Haystack

Ray was hired as a Lead Software Engineer by EPAM through Haystack
Harriet Oliver
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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CS Manager
Harriet Oliver
Harriet Oliver
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Lead Software Engineer

Ray is a prime example of a techie that wasn’t initially looking for a role, but after he’d downloaded the Haystack app, it was his first port of call when he did start looking. Ray discovered Haystack through an advert online, which prompted him to download the app and give it a try.

“At the time I wasn’t looking for a role, but I was interested in seeing what was out there. I had no plans on finding a new job and I was just dipping my toe in to see what was out there - that’s what prompted me to download the app.”

Ray was initially very clear on what Haystack was, which is why he came back a few months later to check out the latest opportunities!

“I thought it was a very unique idea and it was pretty clear what its purpose was. I remember it being relatively easy and straightforward to use.”
“A couple of months later, I changed my mind and decided I’d start seriously looking for a new role. My first point of call was Haystack and I started to follow some companies.”

Ray’s activity in the app of saving companies and roles was flagged to the Haystack talent team, so they reached out via the messenger function in the app to see if he needed any further assistance.The role of the talent team is to be there for users if they want some guidance and help when applying to companies. The talent team is available through the messenger functionality to all users to ask any questions or give feedback at any point.Ray spoke with Harriet, a member of Haystack’s talent team, who suggested companies and roles to him.

“Harriet offered to have a chat and then sent me recommendations based on what we’d spoken about including my preferences and skillset.”
“I applied for three roles through Haystack and Harriet was a great point of contact for me to have.”
“I would 100% recommend Haystack. When I’ve been talking to people who are looking for new roles, I’ve said to download Haystack. Even if you’re not properly looking, it's good to see what’s out there.”

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